How you go down the path of decision making, what that looks like and how you arrive at your conclusions. I think in general your head is in the right spot, the way you logically seem to be approaching it seems good. Finding out your idea is done, can be simultaneously amazing and completely debilitating. However it’s also important that you do find a market for it, so it can exist as just validation for the idea, that there is a market for it, and while these people may have built something, at the end of the day have they captured the entire market for it? Uber and Lift, Apple and Microsoft.. You can have a different approach, but be validated that there is indeed a market.

How do you arrive at your impact assessment? Is it guess work or gut check? Is it easy enough to calculate? I don’t know, just asking if it’s just assumption based and really not 100% or it really is so easy to see?

How we gather information and what we base our decisions on (maybe choice is a better word) is critical to the process. Are we pushing far enough into it to really get a feel for it, or are we sitting around not demanding enough and letting go too fast, too easily?

Some of the things on your list are things you want to be doing anyways, they are things which should have priority in your life despite where you are and what you are doing. All things you have told me on many different occasions you wanted to be doing, so make sure you block time to do them. Keep some things close to you and make them a part of you to ensure you’re doing them always, it can also be a good emotional check and indicator when things need to change if you lose interest in the things you really should want to be doing.

The big things are all components which either you support others doing it, or you need the finances to fuel it. Which you’ve already highlighted, a key area for your long term goals is financial abundance. At the end of the day the focus on experiencing life is key there, what does that mean to you? Does it require you do something? Be part of something? Be you? Those answers can dictate direction, in a powerful way. Also what do the stepping stones look like? You can’t go from preschooler to astronaut without some steps taken on a path to get you there.

Those stepping stones can look different too, but if you keep your goals, the intention is set, then the decision process should be a bit easier, it’s where we get lost along the way or lose sight of the vision we’ve set out for ourselves that everything gets blurry.

For advice, even if some has already peppered in there: take action.

  1. When you start something and get going, you’re unstoppable, very clever and fully capable.
  2. It’s giving yourself enough time, creating the right mental attitude and holding on to that confidence.
  3. Creating something most certainly will not remove the component of loneliness, being at peace with yourself will.
  4. Constructing your existence to support success, finding the aspects of life that keep you motivated, even when you don’t want to be, is key.
  5. Finishing what you start. I can’t tell you the times I’ve become demotivated and left something sitting idle and how much that has torn me up. I think knowing when to quit and coming to terms with that is ok too. Maybe the skills aren’t there right now, but they will be someday, that’s ok. Those moments can show you clearly where you need to put some effort and time. Maybe it’s not for you, but at least you know that and can plan and say well I’ll need support in these areas to push stuff forward from here on out. These are all learning experiences and if framed in the right light, will always provide insight and personal growth and development.
  6. Say no more often. (This was the hardest for me.)
  7. Know your limits, but push beyond them, do things that scare you, even if that is making a decision or taking action. I cannot tell you how hard this was for me, but I know the exact day I was in over my head, and became comfortable in it. Not because I knew something good would come of it, but because I’d learn. Like I said before, I wanted all the information before I could do anything, which became an excuse, as soon as I let go of certain things, then stuff started to happen. It never is perfect, but adapting and learning through these experiences is key.
  8. This is never your last idea. Remember this, it will keep you from getting too attached and too focused as to lose sight of the bigger visions and goals. Push ideas into the businesses you create and if it doesn’t fit, build a new one.
  9. You are a rare breed. You have high emotional intelligence and high practical intelligence and high general intelligence. Leverage it how you can, where you can. Unfortunately I haven’t spent the time with you and seen you operate enough to make a full assessment, but I know you’re a firecracker and you can do anything you put your mind to, don’t play small (unless it’s situationally benefitting), stand out and make your mark.
  10. Let others put you down, but stand confident in your mind. There will be many nos in the pursuit of what you’re aiming to do, you’ve got to build your ability to trust yourself and remain steadfast. Stay true to your morals, your character, and don’t lose sight of you in what other people think.

Now that the general stuff is out of the way.

If you’re not excited about what you’re pitching me on, how can I get excited about it to join in? Maybe excitement is the wrong word? But when you talk to someone enthralled by the subject matter, can you help but be drawn in? Explore that a bit. Without that, throwing out ideas that make money is just that. Ideas that make money, if it’s not something of particular interest, then why not just do it and make money?

You have so many options for so many paths of your life. This is a crossroads moment for you, where you need to do some self reflection, reassessment and resolution for your life. It’s not easy, but committing to something is the next step, it won’t be the “right” choice, but it will take you down the road to the future. If I can dispense any advice it would be this: make the best choice you can in the moment, adjust accordingly down the road and always be looking towards the future, while appreciating the present. People and things come and go, money is a means to an end and life will always throw you curveballs. Live, love and experience all that is life.

Be you, and if you don’t know who you are, set out to find you.

“Decide what to be and go be it.” Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

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