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Ever Changing

Being a proponent of self development and even with individual people in your life, you have to be prepared for sudden change. One of the key aspects of that is acceptance, understanding and holding no expectations.

The world isn’t about one person, while the desires and motivators exist in all of us, and that is of the individual, we all exist in relationship with one another so it’s impossible to bend the will to one (not to say we haven’t tried).

There’s this course in communication that discusses how you structure your conversation is very important, even from the mindset, for example, approaching the conversation with an agenda, causes us to use different terminology (things like well why did you do it this way, vs could you explain to me what happened). It seems so simple when you learn it, putting it to practice is quite difficult unless you have the support (or shared language).

So what’s the point? Well, it’s a perspective and a tool, if you know everyone around you is ever changing, if you know the only certainty in life is change, why fight it, why assume it’s not the case, why exist in a state that’s not serving the reality that is.

What change are you experiencing? What are you assuming will always stay the same?

In this wonderful world filled with spectacular sights, beautiful experiences and fantastic people, you are certainly someone who has tasted a bit of all. I’m jealous. I’m envious. Because your life is destined for greatness, and even this little glimpse, is absolutely awesome.

Smile, for you deserve to be happy.

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