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What is one thing you’re grateful for, one thing you’re excited about and one win you’ve had recently?

Starting your day with one or all three of these things has drastically impacted the way I approach life. Gets me off to a good start.

  1. I’m grateful for the peace that is offered to me in these moments, that while uncertainty is knocking at the door, I feel grounded and can think very clearly. I feel there is opportunity everywhere and it’s just a matter of putting the energy in to have it come to be.
  2. I’m very excited to be in this world.
  3. I’ve launched a public facing product into its initial stage, taking it from idea to reality has been a great exercise in my ability to lead and articulate the desired outcome, which has been just amazing to watch unfold.

So for this day, what are your three (no need to share, just think) and how can you make sure you have three for tomorrow?

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