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The questions we ask ourselves. Very unique, but not all in the sense of theme. I’d argue that we ask very similar questions of ourselves, to ourselves. I was reminded the other evening, “you are the only person who cannot see yourself, and you’re the only person that cares.” How is we we find ourselves in this circular reasoning, this faulty logic which has us chasing our tails over and over again?

I think it’s the nature of being, existence. In a sense, my case would be, we exist in the duality of everything and nothing. So therefore a circular pattern would be completely called for, expected.

So what does it mean? It means by default we push and pull, by the nature of things, it’s the distinct flow of the universe we occupy. That we can challenge it completely, but we must understand. It means we are, we breathe, our minds hold space in this world (which sometimes can be lost). It also means that maybe we do not need to ask the questions, or that we don’t need to experience the emotions, that we do, maybe that resistance is, what causes the conflict.

We face challenges, in all that we do, in our own ways. It’s all relative. And in that, I’d say, we have the full experience. Without, what is? Without darkness, what is light?

So how does this matter, why is this something worth reflection? Well simply put, we can spin our wheels on things that really don’t matter. Elon Musk has said “it took us a long time to figure out the right questions” and that’s true for all elements of life as well.

If you sit around and wonder about things that ultimately will not define any other aspect, or are completely irrelevant, it’s in effort, nothing.

I think the important thing to take away from this: circle back around on the questions you’re asking yourself right now, what impact might they have in the long run? What is it that they bring to you today in this present moment? And that my friend is hard to determine, but ultimately a skill worth honing.

We fight ourselves so much, and such is the bane of our existence, but in knowing or having the opportunity to know, we might learn ways to deal with ourselves and thus with others. Because what matters, really matters, might be overlooked because we’re so narrowly focused on something so far out in left field, that we can’t even see what’s right in front of us.

And in that I challenge you, what are you holding on to, which is not serving you, what can you stop asking questions about which might improve your existence?

Because in all of it, there is so much, and in that we should be putting our attention where it is deserved.

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