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It’s funny how your mind processes things, how revelation rarely strikes when you want it and how we like to see significance in things without it.

For the latter I always like a healthy dose of practical pessimism, but it can be fun to think about stars aligning and how that might shape your world, for example in Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers how if Bill Gates hadn’t had parents who had bought time in a school that had invested in computers .. life is still a matter of circumstances. So it is important where you are, who you are surrounded with, proximity might be key more than other things we put gravitas in.

Then that triggers in me this thought, though, that you need to have the skills and abilities to take advantage of what comes across your life too. You can’t have access to things and not know how to use them, you can’t be stunted and expect to strive to excellence, even in a broad stroke, confidence is something Richard Branson had every time he accepted an offer to do something he clearly didn’t know how to.

Which brings us back to well then in a world which presents us with opportunities which if we’re close enough and have the skills and is ever changing, what can you do to maximize the above? This is where a healthy curiosity, proven ability to learn and diversity of thought comes into full view of an idealistic set of core traits (at least in my opinion).

Now with that though it is all about striking a balance. I know I’ve shared this with at least a few people, get to know enough to either be able to use it or understand it so you can explore further, but don’t go in too deep; otherwise that it’s now what you’re doing (unless of course you want to be doing it).

In this reflection:

  1. What are some skills you have that you cherish?
  2. What are some areas you are seeking improvement or growth or initial exploration?
  3. Where are you struggling to explore, do you need to?

Sometimes it’s important for us to take stock of where we are, where we’ve come from. I could do anything for anyone. With your travels, experiences, mind, discovery… there’s a lot in that mind of yours, I’m convinced you’re in the same boat; just still have a path you’re on for that destination you’re aiming to get to.

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