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There’s got to be a word (certainly in another language) which expresses this: the state of being, where you really have nothing to say, but want to share in time and space. Maybe it’s easier in person to do that, but much harder when distance becomes a part of the equation.

How do you say, I’m thinking of you, and want to engage, but have literally nothing except emotion to offer you?

It’s hard on many fronts. I was reading recently on what to do when trying to support someone (when something happens) and their feedback was to reach out and stay in contact. Simply saying let me know if you need anything or call anytime, is just passing it back onto the person, when they have probably 1000 and one people saying the same thing. Take sensitive, mindful action is what someone said, bringing over a precooked freezable meal, so on and so forth.

I think about this now for many different reasons, but I also recognize how difficult it is to stay engaged. At some point we become numb either though empathy fatigue or just sheer exhaustion from everything else. I also think winter is not great months for people in general, in fact I have a rule to never make life decisions in the winter.

Anyways here’s to this feeling where it’s saying I exist, I’m here, I’m with you, even though I’m not.

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