/To A Mirror


Time is one of the things that continues to astound me.

It’s something that in science, we’ve created, doesn’t need to, or even might not exist.

It should flow forward and backward or not at all.

I think about this because I’m not convinced we’re not taught to perceive time. That we’re conditioned as a species and we can unlearn it.

Who knows. Just something to think about.

Time, though, calls into focus the finite span of existence we have. Which brings me to the thought, why not enjoy your moments, take what is afforded to you and live life to the fullest.

It’s not worth the worry, the poor times (although necessary) to stick around in suffering and pain.

How we shift that attitude, well that’s the challenge isn’t it? We can stop with the hand wringing, the lack of focus on that which we are grateful for, that for which we already have.

Easier said than done I suppose, but I try to count the blessings.

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