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Striking Balance

So we play. We dance around a world with little regard to us. Yet you are everything. Would this world exist without you?

Ahh back to “I think therefore I am” for you are.

There’s a line from a movie that goes something like this “you’ve just had more fun than many people do in a year, so go easy on yourself” isn’t that ironic? We kick ourselves for things that feel good, are good, and build some sense of guilt around it. Well not really, we’re taught that. Indoctrinated. We’re supposed to tread a line which leaves people feeling comfortable, however everyone has different levels of comfort. It’s an impossible task.

There’s a known shift in the personality of people who believe in determinism (to a high degree), you can see why. If everything is laid before us, what choice do we have? However yet still, that’s a large assumption, or maybe a gross oversimplification, in that assuming that might be similar to our historical assumption that a god carried the sun and the moon across the sky in a canoe.

One thing I circle back to a lot is the observer problem in physics. That things behave very strangely until you look at it. Which brings us back to the beginning, are we the world we create, is it all for us? And if it is, why put up with anything but what you want?

Oh but, isn’t that why we play challenging games, learn to win and lose, there’s joy in all experiences as a human, there is existence and we must taste it all.

But strike the balance, because it’s easy to go too far in either direction, because at the end of it all, why not?

I think about this when I find myself in a worry about what people might think of me. That who am I, what am I, do I still stand for something, am I still me? As long as I’m true, then stay true and the flow is amazing.

Anyways, the three things I’m grateful for this beautiful morning:

  1. Got a cool app for sleep tracking AutoSleep
  2. It’s a crisp sunny day
  3. The people in my life

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