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What Change Shall We Have

I’m sure we’ve all come to experience a lot of emotions lately, share in frustrations and adjust our worldview. It’s hard to put a finger on what it exactly is, but something just isn’t right, is it because we’re thrust into this situation where we are surrounded more, closer together? Is it because we aren’t feeling productive because our way of being was so much more about connection, however brief, with society and our function in it? We’re not spending like we used to, we’re not running into people like we once did, we’re not out, we’re not rude or nice, because here we are?

I can’t exactly put a pin into this feeling, this emotional state, I’m not sure anyone can. As it’s a myriad of crazed attention and perhaps an unknown path forward.

Despite this, I cannot express how proud I am to see fellow people take things seriously, adapt and push forward. One of the things that brings me peace or gives me hope during these times is a quote from Bill Nye. He said “It’s never a question of human ingenuity, it’s a matter of resource allocation,” which has always stuck with me, I wonder sitting isolated if part of our frustrations is this fundamental understanding we’re all coming to grips with: as a species, what have we been doing this all for?

I don’t have the solutions to many problems we face today, there are brilliant people dedicating themselves to such endeavors and are far more suited. However, I do think we could as humanity, as a global community of integrated cultures and societies, demand more. It’s a great time to look around and say what is serving us, what is exploiting others, what is something we care about and want to see changed. Because things will change, and if we haven’t thought about it, it’s going to change based on those who have. In many cases those are the people making decisions for you, because we’re so caught up in this pattern of living to eat, that we haven’t had a moment to breathe.

So as we sit here now, I ask you, what is it that you want to take a stand for, who is it you want to be, how do you want to see the world change, and it will, so that we take on some of the problems, now that we can see them in front of us, now that we’ve had time to think?

Don’t let other people define who you are, let’s take a stand and say this has to change. Whatever that may be, but united we are strong and I don’t want to let that feeling slip away when we have so much power to reshape our future.

This doesn’t just apply to today, where we are, what is happening, this applies all the time, it’s just now I think we can sit in reflection. So who are you? What have you shaped in society?

The cascading effects, which we have yet to witness, will give us an opportunity to guide these next few decades, let’s not waste it because we think only of the way things have been, not the ways things could be.

Stay safe, stand up, and let’s see what we’ve been missing, because by design, a lot of it is blinding us.

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